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Gift for Aniko-sama~Vriska doll by Deaththekidrules04
Gift for Aniko-sama~Vriska doll
Just a gift for Aniko-sama, since Vriska is her favorite Homestuck character...
I hope you like it Livi!

Base belongs to: Biankaah
Vriska and Homestuck belong to Andrew Hussie
Tears in the Wind by Deaththekidrules04
Tears in the Wind
Made with DeviantArt muro

I am so flarping proud of that nose \(0u0)/

This random character belongs to meeee!
Please no stealing.

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Chapter 3: Tinker 1              7/12/2015  2:50 PM
Tinker was in a great mood. She had convinced her mom to let her buy parts for a project. She walked to the store and went in with $80 in her pocket. As she walked into the store, she saw a young boy, who looked about her age. He seemed to be typing something very urgently. When it seemed that he was finished, he walked over to her and stared at her for a moment.
“YoUr H3r…” He said, in a very quiet voice. His eyes started to glow a beautiful, yet haunting white.
“Uhhhhhhhh, !’m who?”
“Oh, No,” He said, not answering her question at all,” No No No, Th1S 1s NoT gOoD…”
“Are you okay?” Tinker asked, a bit worried about this boy. Just after she said this, his eyes stopped glowing. He dropped to the ground, as if his limbs had turned into noodles. Tinker was about to run and get help, but just as she got moving, the boy grabbed her ankle.
“W41t!” He said,”Pl34S3… w41T”
Tinker halted, and looked down at him.
“1-1’M sOrRy 1 Sc4R3d YoU,” He said, getting to his feet,”1-1’m F1n3, R34LlY,”
Tinker couldn’t speak, she was too freaked out. Finally, she pulled herself together, and said,
“!-!-!’m T!nker” Her voice quivered as she spoke.
“My N4m3 1S jUsT1s,” he said, shaking her hand with a kind smile, in attempt to calm her.
She nodded, and ran off to buy the parts for her project. With that incident, she almost forgot the reason that she was in the store. As she was browsing the store, she could have sworn that he was there, in the corner of her eye. She quickly got her items and left.

The minute she got home, she was okay again. She pulled the cover off of the project and her first thought was,
Mom and dad are go!ng to love th!s…
Homestuck Fanfiction Chapter 3: Tinker 1
This is the same Tinker from chapter 1. I have to admit, this one was a little hard to do, mainly because I couldn't remember Tinker's quirk, and I haven't made a reference for her.

Tinker and Justis belong to me, Tinker's parents actually don't, they belong to Andrew Hussie.

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Chapter 2: Graves 1 7/12/2015  1:05 PM
Graves Zahhak floated along the halls, feeling empty inside. The ghostly troll had been too creepy for the others to handle, and accidentally scared them away. Not only that but he passed through the troll he liked, causing her to chill instantly. He didn’t just like her, he liked her. He felt so stupid. He always was clumsy, but today…
He walked into class hoping he wouldn’t do anything stupid. The teacher, Ms. Yonlla, looked at him and quickly back to the board.
“Graves, what is nine plus ten?” She asked. Before he could answer, a troll whispered in his ear a false answer. Without thinking he accidentally repeated it,
“Twenty-one,” No,no,no why would you say that?! He thought.
Ms.Yonlla walked over to his desk and quietly said, “I want to see you after class, Mr.Zahhak.”
Finally, the bell rang. He talked to the teacher, and then left. School was over for the day, and Graves was glad. As he floated to his locker, he saw his sister. He waved, but she didn’t notice. She was looking at someone. Graves left the school, and floated home. When he floated through the door, his sister was somehow already there.
“Hey, Graves!”  She said cheerily to him. She was obviously in a good mood.
“Hey,” He replied, pulling out his homework.
“Let Me tell you about this girl I Met today,” She said, not acknowledging that Graves was trying to concentrate, “Well, I didn’t really get a naMe or anything, but we buMped into eachother!”
“Yeah,” Graves said, not really paying attention to her babble about whoever she met.
Graves finally finished his homework and decided to get on Trollian. As he logged on, he saw that he had a message. It was from someone with the handle of JudgeJustice. The message said,
“D34r, UnD34dCeM3t3Ry,
1 W4nT tO w4Rn YoU 4bOuT sOm3Th1Ng. Wh4T3v3R yOu Do, Do NoT l3T yOuR s1St3R n34R wHo Sh3 1S t4Lk1Ng 4BoUt. 1F yOu Do, 1T w1Ll OnLy Br1NG D4nG3r 1NtO bOtH yOuR L1f3 4Nd H3rS. pL34s3 H33d My W4rN1nG.
This message freaked Graves out very much. He had no idea how this person knew that he had a sister, or how they knew that his sister met someone today. Perhaps she had talked to someone else.  Maybe this was really the person she met messing with him. No, that couldn’t be right! How would they know his handle? Maybe she had given them it? Graves didn’t think that she would do something like that though.
He was freaked out for sure, but he realized that it may have just been spam. He simply brushed it off as just that. He replied with a, “Please don;t spam,” And that was the end of that, because he blocked them.
Homestuck Fanfiction Chapter 2: Graves 1
Sorry about the "21" joke, but I had to do it.

Graves Zahhak, his sister, and Ms.Yonlla, and JudgeJustice belong to me.
The last name,"Zahhak" does not belong to me, it belongs to Andrew Hussie.
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Please post in comments of this journal entry for what songs I should make a picture based off of.



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